• Mounting: at wall/ceiling
  • Aspect ratio: 4:3
  • Screen type: electric
  • Projection: front


Recommended net retail price: 577.00 EUR

Electric projection screen dedicated for visible installation (at wall or at theceiling) at rooms suitable to screen dimensions. It would be used for movie orpresentation projections depending on user needs. Screen casing is manufacturedwith white powder painted aluminium profiles. There is white decorative elementat front of casing; its colour would be changed according to customer’s requestto one of seven available colours. Projection surface is lead out from slotlocated close to the front side of casing. This unique solution provides extraspace between projection surface and the wall behind capable for installation ofother devices. Flexible and easy to use screen installation system is createdwith “invisible” wall/ceiling brackets and installation rails spanning throughthe whole length of casing. Integrated electric tubular motor with programmedautomatic stop points ensures long life time of projection fabrics. It isintended to be controlled by external remote control system or manually withwall switch. Optional RF control system would be integrated inside screencasing; this option would be added during first screen assembly only.

2 year warranty is served door-to-door.Installation accessories and wall switch (RF transmitter for integrated control system) are bundled with the screen as a standard.   

The calculator will facilitate the selection of the projection screen to the projector.
Projection surface width: 240
Projection surface height: 183
Projection surface: Matt White
Screen type: electric
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Border: BB
Projection type: front
Recommended mounting: at wall/ceiling
Screen cassette width: 247