SimLift M

Recommended net retail price: 1247.00 EUR

Electric projector lift recommended for Home Cinema projectors and middle size Business projectors.

Lift with projector requires 15cm distance between ceiling and false ceiling. Projector power and signal 

cables are secureed with Easy-chain® guide.   



• Operating range up to 850 mm 

• Operating speed 5,4 cm/s

• 100W electric motor with 5-years warranty

• Supported projector fixing area 440 x 475mm   

• Dimensions:   604 x 690 x 125 mm ()

• Supported projector dimensions:  

   - 580 x 480 x 110 mm (W x D x H for installation inside lift shelf) 

• Lift load limit - 20 kg 



• IR-remote control system (ALFA-IR) 

• Radio remote control systems (ALFA-RADIO, DELTA)

• Projector trigger systems (ALFA-TRIGGER, ALFA TRIGGER, WIRELESS, BETA)