SimLift S

Recommended net retail price: 1176.00 EUR

Electric projector lift recommended for small size Business projectors.

Lift with projector requires 15cm distance between ceiling and false ceiling. Projector power and signal 

cables are secureed with Easy-chain® guide.   



• Operating range up to 850 mm 

• Operating speed 5,4 cm/s

• 100W electric motor with 5-years warranty

• Supported projector fixing area 360 x 380mm   

• Dimensions:   575 x 565 x 120mm (W x D x H)

• Supported projector dimensions:  

   - 410 x 460 x 100 mm (W x D x H for installation inside lift shelf) 

• Lift load limit - 15 kg 



• IR-remote control system (ALFA-IR) 

• Radio remote control systems (ALFA-RADIO, DELTA)

• Projector trigger systems (ALFA-TRIGGER, ALFA TRIGGER, WIRELESS, BETA)

• SimFlap ceiling flap masking projector's shaft