ALR - New Technology of projection surfaces

2019-05-10 14:20:06
Picture projection in non-darkened room.

Picture projection at surfaces with ALR technology gives unusual effects. How is it possible? Picture observed at the projection Surface is created with reflected light emitted by projector. In darkened room projector is the only light source, so picture observed at the screen is the picture projected by projector and picture quality is determined by the projector capabilities. In case projection is performed at non darkened room it means there are many sources emitting light in the room. Light rays emitted by all sources existing in the room are reflected by the screen surface so they create picture observed by the viewer. Total brightness of such picture is much higher but colour saturation, reproduction of colour shades and blackness disappear. ALR technology limits reflection light rays emitted by light sources located at different position than projector so it restores projection conditions existing at darkened room. Pictures projected at surfaces with ALR technology offers rich colours, better reproduction of colour shades and blackness. More information about ALR technology you can find at Knowledge section of our web page.